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What is executive coaching?

Coaching is intended to support and challenge you to maximise your achievements in your professional life. It is a confidential, future-focused conversation with a goal in mind. It is a relationship of equals, a partnership, but you drive the agenda. It is your goals we are working towards.

Does this sound familiar?

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You are an owner/founder running a growing business, seeking to ensure your own personal and professional growth is as sustainable as your business’s growth.

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You are part of a management team recently acquired by private equity – how do you communicate appropriately, demonstrate you can add value and deserve your seat. 

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You feel things aren’t going as well as they could, you aren’t having the impact you want to, you need to make some changes, try some new approaches, get better results.

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You are a CEO with a new investor, you feel supercharged but your team are not keeping up – how do you handle the new dynamic, the new reality, when you have been together for years.

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You don’t quite believe you are where you are, you don’t think you are capable and worthy of being there and wonder if anyone will discover this and call you out in front of the team.

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You are an investor sitting on a board for the first time contemplating how best to build relationships and communicate with a long established management team.

The Benefits of Coaching

Everyone comes to coaching for different reasons, often people aren’t exactly sure what it is they need or want from coaching, but they know they need something.

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be open

This is confidential, you drive the agenda, there’s no judgement here, say what you really want.

What is this really about?

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be heard

More than that, be really heard. You have my full attention, there’s no distractions.

What do you want to say?

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be quiet

Maybe you just need time and space to think things through for yourself, without any pressure.

How might that feel?

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be curious

Take the chance to experiment, try something new, say things out loud, listen to yourself.

What do you hear?

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be challenged

To stimulate your thinking, reassess assumptions, reach for something more, move forward.

Where would you like to get to?


be brave

Don’t be afraid to go deeper, to face the uncomfortable, to gain new insight and clarity.

Can you see more clearly now?

Why coaching with me?

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Over nearly 20 years of working with senior leaders in private equity backed or owner-managed businesses, I have become highly familiar with the challenges and complexities these leaders often face, especially at times of change or transition. During my conversations with management teams, perhaps whilst undertaking referencing or assessment on behalf of a potential investor, I frequently found myself wanting to go deeper, to explore the who and why of these individuals, but that was not my remit. Nor was it my remit to offer the support and challenge that I often felt they would benefit from, and I believed I could bring.

Eventually I decided to bridge that gap and take the step to formally add coaching to my skillset and offering.

It is this combination of many years working with management teams and investors across a hugely varied range of sectors, scenarios and dynamics, along with my earlier career in investment banking human capital, coupled with a rigorous coaching qualification and accreditation that enables me to bring a unique perspective to my coaching.

As a coach I am solution-focused and forward looking, optimistic and pragmatic in my approach. I bring my core values of trust and integrity to work in partnership with you.

I will support you but also challenge and stretch you, stimulate your thinking, equip you with new tools, build your self-awareness and help you to make meaningful progress towards your goals.

How it works

Every person, every story, every situation is unique, so every coaching session is unique. Packages are tailored depending on your requirements and goals.

In between each of our sessions, we will leave sufficient time for you to take away the new insights you have discovered and take some time to reflect on them, as well as put your new tools into practise.

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I hold the triple-accredited Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School.

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I am an EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level, member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and abide by the Global Code of Ethics.

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I engage in regular supervision and am committed to continuing professional development.