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Identifying and securing the best talent is critical to your success. We are here to help you do that.

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Many years of senior executive search experience, as a supplier and a client, means we understand what it takes to find the right talent.

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We take the time to really understand your business, the culture and the drivers behind the role requirement, to ensure a strong fit of both skills and personality.

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We are skilled at researching, sourcing and evaluating candidates, identifying the necessary core strengths coupled with the requisite leadership skills.

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Assessing a candidate’s motivations and values is core to what we do, perhaps using psychometrics, to go beyond a CV to the person underneath.

We operate across multiple sectors, focusing on board and senior management roles, both executive and non-executive.

We are skilled at recognising executives who are natural leaders driven by the need to create value not just for themselves, but also their business, team and shareholders, who can build sustainable businesses with impressive cultures.

We introduce non-executives with proven track records and the necessary softer skills to mentor ambitious management teams and political dexterity to manage relationships between stakeholders.

Our process

From the beginning of the search to candidate start date, we support both candidate and client to ensure they start their new relationship on the right footing.


Starting with a blank sheet, we combine market and database research before making approaches. We produce a Candidate Brief to effectively market your business and role.

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We take time to get to know the candidates with multiple interactions, from initial telephone interviews through to comprehensive in-person short list interviews.



We provide a detailed report on shortlisted candidates to enable our clients to decide who to progress. Candidate referencing and psychometric assessments provide further depth.

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We stay close to our clients and candidates right through contract negotiation, offer and acceptance, supporting both parties to the start date and beyond.


Why work with us?

We have over 20 years of human capital experience each in top team.

We have 18 years of experience dedicated to private equity backed and owner-managed businesses.

We bring executive search experience as both client and supplier.