Independent candidate assessment for senior recruitment.

October 4, 2023

Hiring a senior executive onto the leadership team is a critical decision for any business, but especially when that business is at a pivotal point in its growth story. Independent candidate assessment can support your senior recruitment, helping you to be confident you are getting it right every time.

It isn’t just about the candidate’s CV.

Ensuring that new hire is the right one requires a multi-dimensional approach that goes beyond reviewing a CV and interviewing the candidate. It’s about finding someone who not only fits the role but also aligns with the company’s culture and can truly partner the rest of the team to elevate the business to new heights.

Independent Candidate Assessment in Practise.

Firefly Partners are often asked to act as a fresh pair of eyes to provide an objective, independent assessment of the final one or two candidates for a senior role. For example, we were asked to assist the CEO founder-owner of a business services SME to assess a potential Chief Operating Officer hire. The business was at an exciting point in its growth story, but at that tricky juncture where it needed to take a leap forward to a more corporate structure to enable it to continue to scale, without over-burdening itself with bureaucracy or governance. The CEO was a true entrepreneur bringing vision, drive and ambition, but their strengths did not lie in the more operational, procedural aspects of running the business. They recognised that in order to go to the next stage, the business needed to go externally to bring those skills in. Firefly Partners were asked to provide a thorough, objective, analysis of their preferred candidate.

To complete this assignment, an in-depth competency-based interview was undertaken followed by extensive referencing. In advance of both interview and referencing, the candidate undertook the Hogan Lead psychometric assessments. Hogan is a predictive tool that uses statistical analysis to predict performance and organisational fit. These assessments enable us to delve deeper into a candidate’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and work style, providing invaluable insights for the hiring CEO.

But will they fit in?

However, it’s not just about skills and qualifications; it’s also about culture fit. A senior executive might have an impressive track record, but their values and work ethic need to align with the company’s culture; our interview, referencing and use of Hogan assessments enable us to understand more about the individual’s motivations, drivers and values thereby recognising what sort of culture they would align with, and indeed create.


Ultimately, hiring a senior executive into this leadership team wasn’t just about filling a position; it was about securing a partner to steer the business to the next level and sustainable growth. It required a thorough evaluation that went beyond standard methods. By providing an external viewpoint and independent assessment, employing psychometric tests, assessing cultural alignment, and predicting the candidate’s potential impact, we enabled the entrepreneur owner to make an informed decision that set the stage for the business’s continued, and enhanced, growth.

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