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We answer the questions you never thought to ask.

We recognise that gaining a greater understanding of the individuals within a business is as important to you as analysing the numbers. We are highly familiar with potential sensitivities and confidentialities that may arise but are not afraid to dig deep nor voice an opinion. Our independent, unbiased evaluations give you the clarity and insight you need to understand the teams you partner with. Our clients value our candour – we don’t always tell them what they want to hear, but we do tell them what they need to hear.

Do you need to dig deeper?

Do you need to assess a whole management team prior to your investment?

Do you need to evaluate a new senior hire to ensure they bring the right skills and culture fit?

Do you want to appraise your team so you can put in place a development plan to supercharge them?

Do you need to evaluate the team of a potential bolt-on acquisition?

Engaging Firefly Partners to assess senior management teams is an integral part of the due diligence process for many of our clients. They rely on our ability to quickly evaluate and understand the personalities, motivations and values of the relevant individuals.

They depend upon us to be thorough in our analysis, for our reports to give clarity into complex leadership dynamics and offer an unbiased, honest insight. Our assessments are used both pre- and post-deal, or indeed simply to inform decisions around building, developing and supercharging a high performing management team.

How we do it

Tailored to each business, team and situation, addressing what it is you are seeking to understand, our reports form an intregral part of your due diligence process.

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In-depth individual interviews

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360° internal reviews

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Thorough external referencing

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Individual & Team psychometrics

so what do you get out of this?

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Independent, unbiased evaluation of the management team's capabilities.

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Clear insight into the personalities, motivations, values and leadership dynamics of the people you are seeking to partner with.

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Developmental recommendations and actions - take aways you and the team can work with.